Luna Light Activation Healing Products

Healing With Intention - Raise Your Vibe Instantly!

As the Moon is the purest embodiment of the Divine Feminine (Goddess Luna) energy, it is also the most sacred connection to our Womb and monthly Lunar Cycle.


Goddess Luna assists us in making peace with the feminine wounds that the world has carried, imbedded deeply within our Womb and the direct relationship we have with our body, mother and spirituality.


Water holds extremely sacred codes, just like the Amniotic fluid we nurtured and bathed ourselves in.


These unique and purely divine Luna Light Healing Activation sprays and perfumes, carry the purest Divine Feminine frequencies along with a bespoke healing infused within the sacred Moon Water. My unique healings activate the molecular structure of the water within your spray or perfume, that will activate the personalised healing your cells need.

I work with the beautiful Rose Spirit energies as well as using Roses within my products as they carry the highest Angelic frequencies, of all flowers.


Each infusion comes with divinity charged crystals, Damask rose buds and fresh herbs from the garden. Only the purest quality, deluxe, Organic and cruelty free Essential Oils and ingredients are used.


My soul resonates with water, The Moon, Roses and Crystals. I pass these nurturing and high vibrational healing tools to you, with love.

Wrapped with eco friendly and Vegan packaging to feel as special as you are.


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