Holistic Services

with Liz Alexander

Liz's work is best known for adopting a gentle, loving and intuitive healing approach to trauma, psychological distress and gynaecological dysfunction!


All of her healings are “distance healing” which means that you don’t need to be available whilst the healing is performed. We are all made up of energy, therefore, a healer or a psychic simply connects to your energy field, with your permission and can perform the reading or healing in exactly the same way as being in person. This is a much more positive way to have healing, as you are not required to talk through pain and trauma. Liz's work is fast-acting and gets to the emotional source of suffering, straight away!

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Womb Wellness Coaching 


This is a potent, transformational and miraculous healing and coaching modality, designed solely by Liz Alexander.


The philosophy of Womb Wellness Coaching with Liz is that it is based on the notion that most of our human suffering, is imprinted onto us during the womb phase. It has a threefold approach to therapy and healing!


It combines the ancient and sacred energies of Shamanic energy-healing, with the purest universal energies that the planet emits, resulting in instantaneous vitality to both your DNA and cells.


The Three Crucial stages to heal, in order to attain Spiritual Enlightenment include:


Womb - Healing the societal feminine suffering and illness that you carry within your genetics, resulting in the manifestation of reproductive and sexual disorders. 


Additionally, this area blocks our financial abundance, healthy relationships and self-acceptance, when unhealed!


Mind - Focuses on the psychological impact of childhood and feminine trauma from our ancestry, past-lives and first-hand experience. 


Spirituality - Spiritual rejection - rejecting your spiritual aspect (Higher Self) and denying it exists. This is stored within the cellular memory as distorted beliefs, behaviours, imprints and illness held within our physical body and our psyche. This is where focused DNA energy healing comes in to align you with the most authentic and healthiest YOU!


What is Shamanic Healing?


Shamanic energy-healing focuses on the practitioner going on a deep meditative “journey” to find your lost Soul fragments of the Inner Child. Childhood abuse and general life trauma sends the Inner Child “fleeing” as they don’t feel safe being fully present in the adult body.


This is a defence and protective mechanism arising from: abuse, neglect, poor parenting, illness, grief and general traumas.


Benefits of Shamanic Healing?


I work with the deepest layers of your subconscious that hold around 90% of all thoughts, feelings and subsequent behaviours.


I journey deep with Spirit Animals, Guides, Angels, nature Spirits and the unconditional love of Mother Earth.


As a result, you can expect these magical changes:


  • Spiritual growth

  • Non-invasive energy healing for sexual trauma

  • Greater health and vitality

  • Improved mental health and well-being

  • Improved sexual energy and deeper intimate connections

  • Freeing you from the trauma of the past

  • Feeling confident, connected and motivated

  • Hormonal balance 

  • Feeling a greater sense of love for your body and life

  • And much, much more!