My name is Liz Camilla Alexander, Founder of Crystal Zen.


I am an author of the spiritual self-help book: Crystalline Rose: A Revolutionary Healing Concept For Feminine Empowerment, a Women's Wellness (womb healing) Expert, Shamanic Life Coach and a Psychic and Intuitive healer. As a Shaman, I am very connected to the Animal, Plant and Water Spirits. They hold profound wisdom and I love to offer their insights within my healing sessions and readings. I am regularly featured in the UK's number 1 Spiritual Mag, Soul & Spirit!I was also a judge for their prestigious Spiritual Book awards, 2018.

I have worked with 1000s of wonderful women and helped them to reclaim their sparkle and magic!


An Empowered Womb, is an Empowered Woman!

I am a very heart centred and free spirited gal, and my deepest passion is to help women heal, feel magical and reach for the stars!

I adore my little kitty, I live in London and you can often find me sipping on an Oat Milk Cappuccino, channelling messages for my latest projects at the local pond.

I created Crystal Zen, Wellness For Women because I wanted to introduce a more fun, laid back and high vibe approach to spirituality. Female health and healing is at the forefront of my work

My beautiful Energy Healing packages offer you an incredibly unique, "never-before-seen" high level of energy healing. This creates a platform for you to live an extremely fulfilling life, because working with energy is what shifts you from struggle into success.


Reproductive & Psychological Healing

A Spiritual Approach!

Liz specialises in spiritual gynaecology, sexual abuse trauma and narcissistic abuse/parentification in childhood. Liz is a psychic-intuitive and combines the unique concepts of science, psychology and spirituality to give you a mind-blowing and transformational healing experience.


She offers a variety of unique and life-affirming healing services and spiritual gynaecology courses!


The heart of Liz's work is based on this simple fact! Spirituality is beautiful, but it mustn’t be used as a crutch to avoid trauma. Otherwise, we simply get locked into a state of dissociation and avoidance behaviours.


Liz's approach is to heal "real issues for real people". By utilising her own unique form of high powered energy-healing to access, heal and release the unprocessed traumas and deepest of pains hidden within your DNA, cellular memory, womb and psyche (which is why you get stuck in cycles of suffering and sickness), you will experience an instant energy release and most clients notice dramatic changes in as little as three sessions!


Crucially, we must remember to honour the suffering we endured as a little one as that forms the blueprint of your entire life.


Whilst spiritual tools are wonderful, alone, they simply touch the very surface. Much like picking a leaf off a weed. We must pull the entire “weed” out from the root, to really experience transformations. So this is what Liz bring to you!


A special message from Liz:

The abuse, cruelty and trauma you sustained was NEVER about you. An abuser seeks out a gentle soul in order to validate themselves. Trauma healing is crucial in order for humanity to evolve. We ALL carry trauma. Be it generational or first-hand. The BEST gift you can give to yourself is to embark on a devoted healing journey.

I would love to help you to reclaim your health, happiness, abundance and love.

With love,

Liz x


  • Meridian Psychotherapy

  • English Lit. and Language Degree

  • Business Studies for Holistic Therapists

  • Angel Therapy Healing Diploma

  • Shamanic Energy Healing Diploma

  • Crystalline DNA Mastery Healing