Healing and psychic awakening course. Primarily focuses on healing Mother, Father and Inner Child Wounds that are blocking your health, success and spiritual gifts.


* 5 spaces available * this is offered every 12 weeks. Starting on 3rd March 2022 *


If you are unable to pay in full on ordering: 2 x Non-refundable deposits can be paid (please contact me directly), remaining payment due before course starts. 


Please note that payments are non-refundable as this is distance healing and learning.




Womb Healing: your conception, time in gestation and birth trauma. Generational disease, suffering and sickness (female), sexual abuse, reproductive illness and disorder, dysfunctional relationships and PTSD. The Mother Wound. Grief and loss following abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths and infertility. Sexual trauma and assault.


Psychological: DNA and cellular memory healing, experiences of severe neglect and psychological abuse in childhood, Personality Disorders in the family. Addictions and the Father Wound.


Spiritual: Recurrent Sickness in: chest, lungs, eyes, throat, nose, ears and brain. Dissociation and disconnection from Spirit. Inability to step out of poverty consciousness and to trust in the flow of life. Joyless experiences leave you seeking addictive forms of self-soothing.


Snapshot: includes healing sessions, learning how to activate and awaken your own gifts through meditations and rituals. You also receive access to a private Instagram page once you have purchased, with videos and self-development advice and support. It is a great place to ask questions! You will also learn how to connect to and work with your crystals!


This beautiful new healing concept and Mentorship Programme for Women has been exclusively created by Liz Alexander.


Crystalline Rose™ is a stunning infusion of Shamanic Energy Healing and Spiritual Psychology with concepts and techniques that have never been used before.


It supports women to heal feminine trauma deeply imbedded in their Womb space as well as their time in Utero. It is especially potent at healing  emotional and energetic imprints of sexual abuse trauma - from both female ancestors and our own lifetime experiences.


This divine Mentorship Programme For Women assists you in healing generational illness, disorder and feminine trauma held within the DNA and cellular memory. This is done through the reproductive organs, specifically the Womb as it carries spiritual intelligence and human suffering. It also utilises a powerful and transformational healing frequency through the psychic centres whilst focusing on the psychological impact and damage of childhood, an abusive or neglectful environment and disordered parenting.


By combining a brand new type of spiritual light frequency healing, with the majestic and sacred Shamanic healing rituals, you will elevate your emotional, physical and spiritual health in a way that’s never been experienced before.


All of these concepts and energy healing tools have only just become available since June 2021. This is due to a remarkable shift in planetary energy as we are now fully integrated into the Astrological Age of Aquarius, known as New Earth. When we combine the purest crystalline energies of unconditional love, Light Codes from the Cosmos and spiritual guidance, your emotional shifts are almost instantaneous.


Background: Crystalline Rose®️ is an exclusive healing concept that utilises two specific spiritual portals that are essential to awakening you, to your healthiest and most evolved state.It works on the physical body via the Rose Gateway (Womb)which contains generational trauma, sexual abuse and other forms of abuse as well as neglect. This is closely linked to the Mother Wound and feminine suffering in society. It is also the portal that we heal our reproductive dysfunction, illnesses and disconnection from. When this is healed we have healthier relationships and connection to intimacy.


The Crystalline Stargate (Crown and above) is the second phase of the healing as it centres around the psychological and psychic damage sustained in your formative childhood years (0-8years old). It’s closely linked to the Father Wound and masculine abuse, male generational trauma and a patriarchal society. It is also the portal that we heal our cellular memory and DNA from illness and trauma. This portal remains firmly shut until we are ready to fully awaken and connect to Spirit and our gifts.


Neither can be opened and healed until both the Mother Wound and Father Wound is healed sequentially. This allows for a profound Heart Centre awakening for improved mental and physical health and healing the Womb, DNA and the suffering in your life generally!


This Full Mentorship Course offers you:


1x complimentary 30 min. consultation via Instagram video call or phone for UK residents.


6 x distance healing sessions to focus on:


Themes covered:

Damaged Inner Child

Borderline Personality Disorder

Body Dysmorphia

Reproductive and hormonal disorders and illness

Sexual shame and disorder

Abuse: sexual, emotional and physical 

Narcissistic abuse/parenting



Neglect and abandonment

Poor mental and physical health

Spiritual development

Just to name a few


Womb health (abuse, generational trauma, emotional neglect and Mother Wound)


Psychological health (emotional trauma and abuse in childhood, neglect from your father, Father Wound)


Womb Mapping - this helps me to determine what trauma imprinting, female ancestral trauma, illness, suffering and emotional blocks are held here. This is the foundation for this healing as I am able to locate the struggles from all lifetimes that are contained within you.


Access to a private Instagram Page with videos and tips


Exercises to awaken your inner healing ability, connecting to your Womb and your spiritual gifts.


You will receive a document when the course starts with insight and information on what each portal is for, why it is essential for your evolution and how to activate your own healing frequencies.


Crystalline Rose®️ Full Course