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Coaching. Healing. Psychic.

Loving and supportive healing for: anxiety, depression, sexual trauma and reproductive health!

Offering you a unique, compassionate and transformative spiritual experience.


Artist: Hannah Adamaszek.


Spiritual mentorships & healing courses for feminine empowerment!


Wellness For Women - Liz has worked with 1000s of women to support them through anxiety, depression, grief, sexual trauma and revitalised reproductive health. She specialises in female sexual abuse and trauma as well as healing the emotional aspects of reproductive diseases, illnesses and disorders.


This beautiful, spiritually inspired coaching invites you to open up to your feminine divinity, embrace your past and to heal with the highest, most beautiful energies that the cosmos has to offer. When we live in denial and ignore the suffering we have endured, it opens the door to both mental health and reproductive sickness.


Healing With Intention is at the heart of Liz's healings and it's what instantly pulls you out of struggle and into success!


Crystal Zen®️- Wellness For Women is a Lunar inspired energy healing and empowerment platform for women. With a decade of experience and a regular feature in the UK's number 1 holistic magazine, Soul & Spirit, Liz Alexander is here to guide you out of emotional struggle, reproductive and relationship dysfunction and into alignment with your happiest Self. Your Womb Is Your Wealth and holds the key to rapid transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

Women's Wellness Coaching assists us in understanding that all of our human experiences exist because of the imprints that we developed, whilst in the Womb. It is here that we learn to disconnect from our femininity, sexuality and ability to manifest successfully in the world.

This unique and sacred energy coaching experience is designed to heal your relationship with; your own womb, your mother and your spirituality.

Raise your vibe!

Top 5 Amazing Benefits 


  • Exclusive “never-before-seen” womb, DNA and Divine Feminine Coaching and Healing programmes. 

  • Experience instantaneous emotional shifts with my unique and nurturing Shamanic Energy Healing

  • Forge a profound loving connection with your body, relationships and finances

  • Awaken your spiritual gifts and ability to manifest your BEST life

  • Healing With Intention is the quickest way to shift you out of suffering and into success


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I am very passionate about offering a personal and friendly service to all of my customers! I want you to feel heard, loved and understood!

Please feel free to ask me anything about my beautiful range of Divinity inspired wellness products and transformational healing packages! I intuitively know what you need, from our first point of contact.