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Spiritual gynaecology. Psychic therapy.


Utilising a unique blend of intuitive spiritual healing methods, psychological concepts and science!

Women's Wellness Coaching: A spiritual approach!

Artist: Hannah Adamaszek.


Liz Alexander is a spiritual self-help author and holistic therapist with a decade of healing and coaching experience. She specialises in establishing the emotional root cause of hormonal and gynaecological suffering and disorder. She is a psychic-intuitive who offers a spiritually based and compassionate therapeutic experience.

Liz has recently launched her first spiritual self-help book to understand the direct link between gynaecological issues, our childhood traumas and the effects of our time in the womb! Our spiritual identity is shaped by these events.


Women's Holistic Health & Healing


The Crystal Zen®️ experience offers you a completely unique and specialist approach to understanding that emotional trauma in our early years creates gynaecological illnesses and disorders.


Liz is a holistic therapist who specialises in healing the emotional root cause of gynaecological and hormonal disorders and illness, in order to realign you with spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.


Her unique therapy utilises modern shamanic energy-healing, thought and intention as well as science backed DNA and cellular healing. This is particularly potent for reversing trauma imprints carried through our genetics and established from a variety of upsetting experiences, as far back as being a foetus. Our cells contain absolutely every single energetic experience, which begins to form as we were conceived and therefore, creates toxic stress blueprints within both the psyche and womb. Paving the way for emotional and physical distress and sickness.

Raise your vibe!

5 key areas of specialism: 


  • Narcissistic abuse: Toxic parenting and relationships.

  • Sexual trauma:childhood through to adulthood.

  • Hormonal and gynaecology disorders: the emotional root cause of illnesses, dysfunction and diseases.

  • Psychological healing: PTSD, sexual trauma and psychological abuse - understanding trauma imprints which creates; addiction, codependency, financial struggles and much more.

  • Inner Child healing: cellular and DNA healing to reverse trauma imprints hindering your quality of life.


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