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This is done as a distance healing and is emailed to you!


I am unable to offer further guidance and answers outside of a session or reading.


When we interact with others, experience abusive or traumatic relationships the spiritual contract still exists.


That's why you feel haunted by that person, become obsessive over the "why's" and "if only's" but most importantly, their energy from being intimately connected sits within your cells. You carry their baggage and when this contract isn't healed, the lessons completed and the cords cut, you will start to become physically and emotionally sick.


My unique style of cord cutting will help you to bounce out of this trauma very quickly. I do advise you also have healing around abuse but this is a great way to free yourself.


What's included:


An indepth analysis on what your spiritual contract is all about - why you were meant to meet and experience so much suffering


Closing up the past life energies that are still active within your body and playing out in your life


Cutting the toxic cords that keep you locked in a state of trauma and an inability to let go, causing your mental and physical health to suffer


A cleansing of your energy system to realign you after the cords have been cut

Spiritual Cord Cutting