** This healing is available from the 2nd Feb. I work on a first come, first serve basis to ensure fairness. **


For many women on this spiritual journey, they encouter incredibly intense and overwhelming spiritual love connections. These are all heavily steeped in Past Life Karmic contracts and lessons that haven't closed up.


We can mistake this for true love when in actual fact, these are trauma bonds. It is very rare to encouter an intense soul bond that is here for us to grow together. The key to freeing yourself from the toxic trauma bonds is to delve deep into the Past Lives you shared and what the Karmic contracts are, that are causing you suffering.


This is an amazing psychic reading and healing.


What's on offer: 1 x in-depth psychic reading to establish what the Pasl Life contracts are between you and this person, why you are suffering and what needs to end.


1 x intensive Past Life healing on this Soul Connection to flush out toxic stress, trauma bonds and unfinished business that is locking you in a state of trauma.


This will also clear psychological and spiritual warfare that this person is inflicting upon you. You will feel healthier, free and ready to love again!

Soul Love Healing