** A distance healing that delves deep into aspects of the psyche that have been incredibly damaged by childhood trauma - this is known as Complex Childhood Trauma (Complex PTSD) **


For most people drawn to spiritual work, they are carrying immense psycholigcal trauma from their early childhood years. Where parents or care givers where abusive, they might've died, or the child experienced severe emotional and physical neglect. This hinders healthy relationships, health and finances!


This healing offers you:


1 x Intensive energy-healing session that works right at the heart of trauma contained within the psyche, DNA and cells. It works by freeing you from the traumatic shock that creates disease and emotional suffering.


Signs of C-PTSD:


  1. feelings of shame or guilt
  2. difficulty controlling your emotions
  3. periods of losing attention and concentration (dissociation)
  4. physical symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, chest pains and stomach aches and gynaecological issues
  5. cutting yourself off from friends and family
  6. relationship difficulties
  7. destructive or risky behaviour, such as self-harm, alcohol misuse or drug abuse
  8. suicidal thoughts


This beautifully emersive healing works on the DNA and cellular strctures that contain the memories of trauma. This will assist you to start the road to recovery!


Please note that it is recommended to have 3 of these healings for greater benefits - you may prefer to purchase the package which has a discounted included! 



Shadow Work - DNA and trauma healing