**This is a distance healing on two people and is available from the 2nd Feb**


**Please note that this isn't suitable if you are in a domestic abuse situation. This is for couple's who do want to change for each other and to deepen the love that once existed! **



This is a stunning, unique and exclusive healing to Liz Alexander and it's based on the concept that we all have relationship contracts. These can either be abusive and temporary in nature, in order to learn lessons about your own trauma and to understand that this isn't love, or it can be bumps in the road within a generally healthy and loving relationship.


What this package offers:


A deep dive healing into what your relationship contract is, what you are both here to learn from each other and where the root cause of relationship toxicity is arising from.


This healing requires both parties to be at least open to changing the problems within the relationship. Not necessarily a spiritual person but by admitting they need to take responsibility too, this healing will trigger change within you both.


A beautiful and fast acting cord cutting of the traumatic cycles you both contribute to this relationship


Realigning you to a more spiritually awake and aligned marriage or relationship without the contraints of harmful and outdated belief systems.




  • Cutting the cords to trauma bonds within the relationship
  • Healing resentment and emotional toxicity
  • Triggering both parties into becoming more conscious of themselves and their behaviour
  • Awakening the soul love and removing toxic karmic lifetimes you experienced together
  • Transforming the psychological harm that may exist within this relationship
  • Awakening love, respect and joy as well 

Relationship Recovery Energy Healing