** Next availability is from the 2nd Feb. I work on a first come, first serve basis to ensure fairness. **


We have all been dodgy people in some lifetime :-) and we have also been incredibly wonderful. Our Past Lives do leave imprints on the experiences we carry forward into our current lifetime because they are unfinished lessons that need to be understood and  cleared.


If you have encountered intense spiritual connections that you deem as "Twin Flame", "Karmic" or just a total asshole of a person (friend or fella) then this reading is ideal for you!


What's on offer:


6 x in-depth paragraphs about the Past Life connections you have with someone who you can't shake off or if you just want to know why life is so hard - what lifetimes haven't closed off yet?


4 x card pull to give you additional clarifcation from Spirit and your Angelic team


A mini energetic cleanse to stabilise your emotions and to relaign your frequency!

Past Life Psychic Reading