Rebuilding the energy of your childhood to free you from; psychological, spiritual and physical distress and suffering.


  • Returning Home To The Light •


    Exclusive: I have created a unique and fast-acting healing method that blends the powers of; science, psychology and spirituality. My methods are entirely new!


    ​​Experience instantaneous emotional shifts with this unique and nurturing DNA, and modern form of shamanic energy-healing. This helps to rewrite the trauma imprints of your childhood, aligning you with healthier outcomes.


    This is a very deep and immersive ‘Luna Inner Child’ healing. It's a very delicate and intricate form of healing.


    A warm and soothing experience that will access your broken inner child and gently help to bring back those missing and broken pieces. This helps your adult self to feel happy, more enlightened and able to live from a space of emotional intelligence, rather than fear and codependency!


Background • Shame Is An Energy Of Decay •


🌸When children are expected to be perfect, according to their parents ideals, deep damage begins to form within our intricate and delicate wiring.


🌸Society has created a toxic breeding ground of what parenting is. More about ownership and control of a child, rather than understanding that they aren’t able to understand things in an adult way.


🌸Children born in the 90s and earlier, weren’t afforded the mental health awareness and compassion that is so readily available these days.


🌸If you were regularly punished, ridiculed, admonished or felt like a little bit of a servant to your mother, you will have grown up being passive, codependent and needing to save others to feel loved.


🌸Inner Child damage arises from:


Narcissistic parenting


• Emotional, verbal, physical or sexual abuse


• Being told off when you cried or acted out due to not understanding what was happening


• being body shamed, told you were “stupid” or your siblings got preferential treatment


• You grew up in a household of poverty, addiction, perversion or violence.. And much more!


🌸Let me take you on a truly miraculous and transformational journey to free you from the shackles of childhood trauma and shame!

Luna Inner Child Healing