Psychic Readings with Liz - emailed readings 


Please note that I am unable to answer questions outside of your reading.


Are you ready to take back control of your life? Fed up of constant disappointment and heartbreak? Doyou keep attracting partners or crushes that feel intense and exciting, only to end up being abusive?


My readings are very unique as my gifts are focused on channelling and typing whilst hearing the clear and loving messages from your; Spirit Animals, angels as well as gaining vital clarity from your Higher Self. 


When we don’t listen to our Higher Selves, we begin to suffer, get drawn into toxic bonds with others and we may become sick. 


I don’t just read cards! I read your energy, emotions that are stuck in your body as well as being able to offer guidance on where the root cause of your pain is coming from!


What's on offer?

  • 8 - 10 x paragraphs on your love life: why do you keep attracting drama/toxicity?
  • What is the root cause of your relationship dysfunction?
  • Guidance from Spirit on what needs to be healed from your childhood to pull you out of this trauma?
  • 1 x heart chakra activation to heal the deep wounds of relationships
  • 4 x card pull for further clarification

Love Reading - Clarity