This is a profoundly powerful healing offering for those of you who have been invaded by Dark Witch energy. DW has been exclusively designed by Liz and isn't avaible elsewhere!


Dark Witch definition: A Sociopath, Narcissist or Psychopaths source of spiritual and human destruction.


This is very different to a loving and gentle White Witch who only practices healing through love. A Dark Witch is a very dark and evil spiritual force that tends to be connected to those who are on a specific spiritual journey. If you are drawn to this healing it means that you are likely an Angelic who carries a lot of light, but you have many lifetimes and Karmic attachments to the occult, satanism, dark force witch craft and people in your present life who have or regularly inflict psychological warefare on you.


What's on offer:


A deep and intensive healing on: past lives, contracts, obligations and karmic lessons attaching you to Dark Witch people. 


Clearing your cellular memory of abuse and trauma at the hands of these mentally disurbed souls. This is also helpful for clearing generational war trauma that is repeating in society right now!


Cutting cords with Dark Witch energies and people who steal your light


Resetting your energy field and cells to vibrate only with the higher vibrational Angelic light codes that are true to you. 




  • No longer getting constantly sick
  • Stronger and healthier mental well-being
  • Feeling happier, free and confident
  • Connecting to abundance rather than struggle
  • Ending the cycle of suffering at the hands of others
  • Awakening healing gifts

Dark Witch (Entity) Healing