** Starts on 02/02/2022 - limited spaces for 5 students. It is a distance learning and healing course for true feminine sexual empowerment. Liberating you from sexual abuse, trauma, female persecution and suffering as a woman in society. **


This beautiful course is a combination of the Crystalline Rose®️ Basic course (please refer to that for more details) as well as an intensive focus on your womb and any gynaecological or sexual dysfunction issues that are blocking your true potential as an enlightened, evolved and healed woman.


This stunning and exclusive healing course is a profound feminine empowerment course for women who have experienced:


  • Abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths and infertility trauma
  • Sexual assault
  • Narcissistic maternal abuse
  • Ageing - feeling invisible, unattractive and resenting the changes to your hormones and body
  • Feeling pressurised to be sexually active in relationships
  • Sexual shame around the body, pleasure and intimacy
  • Sexual avoidance due to childhood abuse or feeling unsafe as a woman
  • Religious sexual shame of the feminine body and sexuality
  • Preferring casual connections to commitment
  • Being bullied, neglected or shamed by parents
  • Reproductive diseases and disorders: PCOS, Endometriosis Cervical cancer, menstrual struggles, infertility and hormonal imbalance
  • Toxic stress
  • Disconnection from your feminine aspect - working from an aggressive and closed off masculine energy in order to feel safe
  • Keeping people at a distance
  • Sexual repression/intimacy issues


What this beautiful healing course offers:


1 x 60 min. video call via Zoom or phone call (UK) with a beautiful healing meditation on the Sexual Gateway - located at the entrance of the vagina to the cervical opening. This is where we store feminine trauma of all kinds. We will do a meditation together and discuss anything that is rising up for you.


3 x intensive yet gentle distance healing sessions focused on your womb, which contains all of the feminine trauma, psychological damage that has created feminine sickness and sexual distortions. It's also vital to focus on harmful Narcissistic maternal abuse or a neglectful/disturbed mother or female ancestry experience in childhood.


Crystalline Rose®️ - The Sexual Awakening