This is a gorgeous new healing programme that I have put together after receiving a lot of new insight from Spirit.


This course starts on 10/10 which holds extremely high vibrational codes. Please read info in second photo.



If you have always felt like you have spiritual gifts but don't know what they are, how to use them or you feel totally stuck, then this is the ideal healing programme for you.


I resonate with what is termed as Starseed energy. This means that I have the ability to see your DNA and cellular structures during your sessions, which gives eye-opening insight into what traumas are keeping you locked in suffering. This can be generational, past-life and this life-time.


This is particularly crucial for initiate healers because these dark human blocks are the very things that prevent us from shining and fulfilling our lifes purpose. Starseed energy is incredibly potent and helps you to shift out of darkness very quickly.


I am able to unlock your unique healing codes and activate your DNA and cells with Starseed healing frequencies that will propel you into a new state of consciousness, awareness and way of living. I notice that when I perform the healings on myself or clients, the shifts are almost instantaneous vs traditional healing methods.


What this programme offers you:


3 x intensive distance healings to work on the 3 areas that block healers: 1. childhood trauma

2. PTSD (working on the brain that is affected by prolonged suffering and trauma) 

3. Your human identity - such as poor low self-worth, anxiety, depression and much more.


1 x course document that will give you detailed insight into what Starseeds are, and how to unlock your own gifts. Starseeds are said to be old souls who originate from a variety of star systems and spiritual realms. They hold incredibly high vibrations in order to heal humanity and the planet, however, due to this, they oridinarily come from complex trauma childhoods and are often caught up in abusive dynamics, prompting prolonged cycles of mental health struggles and physical illnesses. This blocks their gifts and missions to heal. You will know when you have had a rare encounter with a fellow Starseed as they are magnetic beings. Usually very beautiful and kind, but don't know it. Their energy can feel exhilirating to be around.


3 x intensive unique Starseed code activations that Spirit shows me will help to awaken you to your highest potential. You will also receive a healing to cut cords with dark energies, people and psychological trauma.

Awaken Your Inner Healer